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Frequently asked questions

LPG , also known as LPG (abbreviation of the words Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a by- product derived from crude oil and it is in the gaseous state at atmospheric temperature and pressure. Its pressure in the liquid state is 2 Bar. The LPG gas, is used to power motor vehicles and is a mix of propane and butane gas whose chemical and physical properties ensure excellent performance of the car. It burns without leaving a carbon residue in the engine which is only possible with premature abrasion. It extends the life of the spark plugs , the valves and the pistons. It retains the properties of engine oil for a longer period of time. In combustion it emits much less carbon , nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon is burned than in petrol and diesel. We offer automotive systems of LPG for every type of vehicle.

Methane, also known as CNG (abbreviation of the words Compressed Natural Gas)this fuel is the greatest friend of the environment and one of the most abundant in nature. In fact, natural gas does not contain any impurities , lead alloys or hydrocarbon, which contributes to very low level of contamination in disposal of gases. The chemical composition of the CNG gas causes much less CO2 emissions compared to other fuels. It also protects the ozone layer.

The distance the vehicle can travel a gas depends mainly on the type of vehicle and the size of the LPG tank that is mounted in the car.Tank type is selected depending on the car's use,giving priority on the volume of the trunk,or the distance you usualy travel. - If the volume of the trunk is more important for you, we recommend a toroidal tank (tank shaped like your reserved tyre) to keep the volume of your trunk stable. - If the distance you travel is your priority , then we recommend a cylindrical tank with a volume of 90 liters (72 liters of that is actually usable ), which can travel a distance of about 600 km.

All products of Fobos Auto LTD are tested in accordance with a quality system that is certified ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949: the last, which is used by the automotive industry and follows very stringent quality standards.

Chemical and physical characteristics of the LPG is always taken into account in the manufacture of Tanks. Control, surveillance and testing are very precise , as they are the standards for the production of these parts as well as pipes, valves and other components that conclude the system. Only note that typically the pressure of the LPG varies between 3 to 10 bar,and the tanks are homolo- gated at pressure up to 30 bar. During homologation, bottles are tested in hydraulic pressure and can not burst prior to reaching a pressure of 67.5 bar. Bottles that are used 10 years past their installation must be replaced.

CNG cylinder tanks ensure a high level of security, they are all subjected to rigorous testing during the homologation and during their work. The force that is necessary to test the pressure of these tanks is 300 bar, while the effective pressure is 220 bar, which suggests that the cylinders are capable of withstanding impacts. Natural gas is lighter than air and is stagnated in the event of leakage, and is sprayed into the atmosphere without being accumula- ted in the lower layer. Exclamations are positive and in the international community. Report from the Norwegian Bureau ''Veritas''is clear that the risk associated with the use of vehicles powered by CNG is not greater than the risk of cars powered by diesel.

All cars with petrol carburetor system,injection system or injection system with a catalytic converter can be converted to gas. If you decide to install in your car a gas system for LPG or CNG you must first consult with a qualified service technician so you can choose exactly which system is right for your car.

Good operation and maintenance of car in petrol mode is required for its proper operation and in gas mode. The overall condition of the car should be good in order to install the gas components, particularly important are the flow of petrol and maintenance of the ignition system , as well as the coils , the spark plugs and the spark cables.

The installation of a gas system for LPG or CNG is usually performed in a specialized workshop and takes from 1 to 2 days.

Modern systems for LPG and CNG ensure excellent engine performance and there is no difference in the operation of the car.The latest generation of injection systems of LPG give a difference of about 2% in the performance of the vehicle in comparison with petrol and fuel injection systems of CNG give a difference of about 10-15%.

If you have a system installed of LPG or CNG, you can still drive your car on petrol.The driver selects which fuel to use by simply pressing the shift key, which is the dashboard of the car. The ease of use of the gas system is guaranteed by the fact that with the modern gas systems the automobile starts in petrol and in about 30 seconds automatically switches to LPG if you have reached the optimum parameters. The distance the car travels with LPG fuel is almost double if you install a gas system.

First , the benefit is financial as it has lower cost compared to petrol. The price of LPG is approximately half compared to the petrol one,so it is possible to quickly save up to the cost of the system and start saving money from there on. Second, it preserves the environment. LPG does not contain benzene or lead: the most toxic substances in fuel and separates them from burning , and this is one of the main causes of pollution in cities.Due to the characteristics of the LPG,which does not endanger the environment, gas-powered cars can move even when it is prohibited to motor vehicles because of the high level of air pollution.

Cars converted to gas require the same maintenance as the petrol ones.It is important to monitor the scheme for routine examina tion of ignition.No special maintenance.Every 15.000 km check that electrical wiring works fine and whether connections are not oxidized and change the spark plug cables if needed.

Although LPG is lower sustained in standard operation you will not feel any difference in power between the two fuels , even LPG will have a good elasticity acceleration due to LPG being higher in octane number than petrol, about 105 octane units.

The consumption in LPG is increased by 10% 90 km / h compared to petrol consumption in liters. At high speeds the percentage increases. This difference is due to the physical properties of the two fuels.

Gas injection systems Fobos has an automatic mode. After starting of on petrol the system by itself switches to LPG. In case you run out of gas , the system automatically switches to petrol and signals that you need to load fuel.

The petrol system is retained in full. At any point you can switch from gas to petrol at your convenience. There is a special sound and a light signal indication , so you have two independent fuel systems and control over them.

The gas injection system Fobos shows availability of fuel through a special sensor mounted on the tank. The information is obtained by an indicator light that is built into the switch gas - petrol located conveniently in the passenger compartment.

When you run out of fuel in the LPG tank, the gas injection system will automatically switch the engine from gas to petrol.The system alerts you with a beep of a buzzer. witching is smooth and there is no danger to yourself in an emergency situation on the road due to loss of power.

The gas injection system is the latest generation of LPG systems and unlike convetional equipment you should not feel absolutely no smell of gas, both in the body of the car and around it. If you still feel some smell of gas, do not take it as normal and visit an authorized service workshop as soon as possible.

The tank is selected at ease when is placed in the luggage compartment and you see it stands.We have all sizes of bottles in stock. Prior to installation,our specialists will offer you all possible options for a particular vehicle and you will decide which one is the most suitable for you.

Law requires the charger to be mounted outside the passenger compartment. Our experts will offer you several options as far as it is possible , and you will decide which one is the most suitable for you.

This depends mostly on the budget you have.Experience shows that the most important thing is to choose a workshop and an installer with experience who can install and set up your new gas quality system, and it serves the guarantee and warranty.Each workshop chooses what brand of system to work with. Recently, the market offers very low quality and cheap gas equipment, which has no other qualities besides low price. Such systems are equipped mainly with Turkish components without European certificates imported illegally into Europe, these components are extremely dangerous to use.

All our models have the option to jump start in LPG.It is used only in a possible failure of the petrol system.Because if you use it for other purposes except an emergency, you risk serious damage to the components of the gas system .This function is recommended to be used only to get to the nearest workshop. The system has logs for jump starting in LPG and therefore if you overdo it is possible for you to lose your warranty on certain components such as the evaporator, the injectors and the pressure sensor.

The Fobos gas injection system has two high-quality filters for gas phase and for liquid phase.The filters must be changed every 10.000 km. and they are an important part of respecting the warranty conditions. Also for the proper operation of the injector rail in terms of working with highly polluted gas must be cleaned in every 20.000 km.

Gas injection systems are gas systems of precision. Unlike conventional gas equipment to them is desirable to use high quality fuels. Unfortunately, it is difficult to give a definite answer to this question, generally speaking, you will enjoy better fuels from famous chains of fueling stations that you trust . So be sure as we can not appoint that, information of such stations can be found in detail in specialized gas forums.

Absolutely nothing changes in servicing your cars. Follow all prescribed factory needs for consumable changes. Due to the high temperature change in the combustion chamber only spark-plugs wear faster. Also due to the slow combustion of gas ,certain cars must install a valve protection system.

Unlike conventional gas systems that constantly need resettings ,a gas injection system is a computer system and does not need additional settings if you do not change the characteristics of the petrol system. Gas systems Fobos 1 and 2 come with OBD corrections practically dont need any readjustment . If you still have any remarks regarding the system, you can always make an adaptation to the system from the current state of the petrol injection system. On older vehicles due to natural aging of materials sometimes changes to the operation of the petrol system require patches . Within warranty period of the products Fobos all settings are completely free.

Every gas injection system should have issued with it, a passport that describes all data of the system, number and date of the manufacturing of the tank as well as a full description as to when and who installed the gas system and finally a valid technical inspection.Periodic review and revalidation is performed in one calendar year, and a sticker for technical proficiency is needed.

The injection system Fobos is an extremely reliable system. Practically it is safer than the petrol system.All components are certified to standards 01 and R67- 110 R.

The result of the conversion of the car is that it can operate independently of dual fuel - LPG or CNG and petrol. Installing an additional fuel system with an additional fuel tank ( gas tank). Switching between the two types of fuel is done quickly and easily either automatically or at the touch of a button.

Yes ! The type of the gas system that is installed depends on the factory fuel system of the vehicle. New cars for example with advanced multipoint injection systems require a completely different type of gas systems in comparison to the older carburetor cars. Almost all new cars require the installation of an injection gas system. ABAS strongly recommends that you take advantage of this opportunity, as if you mounte a conventional gas system can cause serious problems in the operation of your vehicle as well as damage the system itself.

In most specialized workshops a conversion of a 4- cylinder car,takes one business day.It has however,taken longer when the car has specific characteristics that can slow down work on it. For vehicles with more cylinders the duration is longer . ABAS has recommended to always explicitly define the time needed to convert your vehicle with the specific company that will do it.

Most cars can be converted on LPG or CNG without a problem, but there are those where it is not recommended. Major producers of autogas equipment support a list of vehicles that can safely be adapted to work with this type of fuel or can answer a request for a specific car.

Vehicles that a convertion on LPG / CNG is possible require the same maintenance as the petrol ones. It is important to strictly follow the deadlines for changing filters for liquid and gas phase specified by the manufacturer of the given gas system equipment.We recommend that you periodically check the parameters of the electronic control unit of the gas system as well as the evaporator pressure.

The fact that we travel a greater distance on gas does not mean that we can ignore the petrol system of the car.The gas injection system in order to perform as it is intended uses a number of sensors of the engine and damage to even one of them would result in poor performance of the car on LPG. ABAS advised car owners to strictly comply with the terms of change of the air filter,the spark plugs and spark plug cables as well as checking the operation of solenoids and valves of the car..

Any problems with the operation on petrol associated with sensors, the ignition system and the valves of the vehicle will be " passed " also in the operation of the LPG or CNG as will become even more tangible.

Since LPG system are treated as machines with increased certain dangers under the technical requirements for products , they should be checked and registered . Registration is important to identify high-risk facilities , their users and their technical characteristics and parameters, the goal is to perform an initial technical review to determine compliance with regulatory requirements for their device and / or safe operation. Registration is mandatory and shall be certified by the issuing of a yellow sticker that is glued to the bottle. Also a passport is Issued for the system, which records the basic data and elements that is built with.

If you get involved in accident, do not forget:

  1. To keep calm.
  2. To Switch off the engine - so the automatic mechanism interrups the gas supply to the engine.
  3. Pull the e-brake,turn off the headlights and the dashboard.

Multivalves are equipped with safety valves that isolate the gas tank in case of rupture of a gas pipe.They are also equipped with a valve that prevents excessive pressure in the tank in case of a fire. The security provided by gas systems in case of an accident as well as the saving benefits of gas as a fuel is the reason that they are so likeable by people. For this reason, regular tests show that in certain situations, the gas tank is safer than the petrol one.

This test can be found here .

The tank or more accurately the multivavle that is mounted on the LPG tank is equipped with several safety valves, one of witch automatically limits the filling of the tank up to 80 % of its volume.

There is no way to avoid the installation of an additional fuel tank in order to convert a car. However, the area occupied by it can be optimized thanks to the large range of tanks on the market, offered in various shapes and sizes. You can also take advantage of the tanks that are in toroidal shape,that fit perfectly inside the compartment of the reserved tyre.

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