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General terms


       General terms



                   Terms & Conditions               



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Please read our Terms and Conditions before using this website.

If you use this website its assumed that you accept and agree with the Terms and Conditions.

If you DISAGREE with these terms , do not use the site! 

TERMS OF SERVICES OF www.fobosgas.com
These Terms cover the relationship between "Fobos" ( here in after as  www.fobosgas.com), and the user / users of the electronic / Internet pages and services located in  www.fobosgas.com sector and subsectors such as the use of information and services offered by the company "Fobos" ( here in after referred to as services) .
These general conditions apply to all customers who have registered or will make a registration in the site: www.fobosgas.com, fobosgas.bg or Fobos-bg.com. Clicking on any item, link or button located on these pages ( except the connection with these Terms ) , the User agrees, fully accepts and agrees to comply with these Terms.
Chamber of Commerce:
The "Fobos Auto" Ltd is a company registered in the Republic of Bulgaria , located at: Pleven , 2 Kara Kolju str., and entered in the Registry of Commerce under -№ 20080213160113
The "Gascontrol Pleven" Ltd is a company registered in the Republic of Bulgaria, with its registered office at: City of Pleven, 20 Emil Dimitrov Str; registered in the Registry Agency under № 20140310090219, IBAN: BG81UNCR70001521117013 /EUR/, BIC UNCRBGSF
General conditions apply to customers of "Fobos Auto Ltd" and "Gascontrol Pleven" Ltd.
1. The Terms of Use of the webpage www.fobosgas.com
The user understands and agrees with the fact that the intelligence services and the website is provided " as published " and that www.fobosgas.com is not responsible for the accuracy of the published data and the timely delivery of information about completed orders for consumer / consumers or other users of this or other inquiries, questions or comments about our products , information on non- available products , and for damage / loss of profits or other losses of any kind and size as clear as - occurred after or because of the use, ( or non-use because of technical problems , lack of prevention manager's decision or others) in case or as a result of using this website or any damages resulting to damages that need repair or correction of equipment or data ,the user assumes all responsibility and all costs associated with the removal of such damage.
The user is assumed informed and declares consent that a part of the list as it is  published on the website can be listed as available / in  store or (e-shop), but there is no availability of the goods / products and accessories, when such products are ordered through the shop or via the on-line purchasing system.
The user is assumed informed  and declares consent that the order can be modified or changed. In such case  www.fobosgas.com undertakes to notify the user via email and / or by telephone or other appropriate means to confirm final submission of the approved request to the user's address.
To use the site , the user needs to access the Internet , either directly or through other devices that can access such content . In addition , the user must provide all equipment necessary to access the Web , including a computer, modem or other access devices for internet use. www.fobosgas.com only provides information on the site and is not responsible for any problems of interferance or technical failure of the use of the site due to malfunction of the mechanical , electronic or electrical equipment of the user / users. 

2. Duties of the user / users when registering
For  purpose of use of the website www.fobosgas.com, the user agrees and undertakes to provide true, accurate, current and complete information when filling out the registration form. ( here in after: Privacy) If user has provided false, inaccurate or incomplete information, then  www.fobosgas.com has the right to close and / or delete information for the mailing address and deny further access to any or all services that provides. www.fobosgas.com is not responsible for false , incorrect or inaccurate orders made in relation to the information received by the user.
3. Protection of personal data & Confidential policy of  www.fobosgas.com
Under the protection of personal data in accordance to Law, the user / users have access to their personal data , which is recorded and / or made available to the  www.fobosgas.com to use the website or for the purposes of a repair providing personal data .If the user makes an order without timely updating the personal data information and as a result of which  www.fobosgas.com performs an inaccurate order, then  www.fobosgas.com has no responsibility for the defective order or/and any losses are to borne the consumer / user.
In these General Terms www.fobosgas.com informs users that it is a company that is registered as an administrator of personal data under Article 14 paragraf  4 of the Law on Personal Data Protection , Certificate Number 258954 issued on 31.03.2010.by the Chairman of the Committee for the Protection of Personal Data. After examining the contents of these Terms and accepting them, users after filling out the registration form on the website expressly agree that their personal data will be processed by the www.fobosgas.com in a electronic way for delivery of ordered goods or services and if needed for help from the staff of www.fobosgas.com as to receive information about products and services provided by www.fobosgas.com, as provided by them by contact forms ( etc. ) , except otherwise expressly refuse to receive information about products and services through the inquiry form and contact details on the website  www.fobosgas.com
All personal and other data supplied voluntarily by users necessary for the recognition and use of the website will be stored , processed and used by the  www.fobosgas.com for conservation purposes certain service functions and for promotional purposes / objectives of products and services offered by the commercial chain "FOBOS ".
The company  www.fobosgas.com informs and explicitly indicates to consumers that the information they provide (personal data) shall not be transferred to third parties for promotional purposes.
The company  www.fobosgas.com reserves the right to use IP addresses and other data of users to reveal their identity when it is necessary for law enforcement , legal proceedings and / or to ensure compliance with these Terms.
User agrees that the declared by him personal data and copies of personal data / documents provided to  www.fobosgas.com when necessary and  in relation to the selected payment method "JetCredit" will be provided in the "BNP Paribas Personal Finance".
When paying for goods and services by credit card,  www.fobosgas.com employees have no access to data on these cards.Access has only the service bank  '' UBB'' if you have been registered in the banks system of issuing identity.
4. Copyright and restrictions attached to them.
The company www.fobosgas.com entitles users to use all the services listed on the site for personal use only / non -profit in nature , and as they do not violate the copyright of www.fobosgas.com or third party related directly or indirectly to the materials of the Site.
Expressly is prohibited any material published on this website to be copied , distributed or disseminated in / public in any manner and number of users. The use of published data on the website www.fobosgas.com on other sites is prohibited and violators are subject to penalties in accordance with the provisions laid down by law for the protection of copyright and related rights .
The company www.fobosgas.com  reserves the right to assign rights to the edition of materials and other information published on the website www.fobosgas.com, to third persons without additional written agreement or legal relationship between www.fobosgas.com and the person publishing the information.
When buying goods , which is the subject of copyright and patents / patent , the www.fobosgas.com not give any additional rights of use and distribution of those rights explicitly mentioned and licenses from the manufacturer / distributor of the product .
All goods and services provided to users by  www.fobosgas.com are protected by the protection of copyright and related rights.They are provided in their original form and package without any influence from the www.fobosgas.com and license and distribution is provided by the manufacturers and / or distributors of the EU.
The links provided by the site www.fobosgas.com on websites belonging to third parties , are published solely for the convenience of users . In using such links users do not use the service provided by the www.fobosgas.com and use referred outside the website www.fobosgas.com not apply to these terms.
The company www.fobosgas.com does not control the above mentioned websites / sites that do not belong to www.fobosgas.com and assumes no responsibility for the information and / or content. These Terms of www.fobosgas.com inform or recommend users not to make use of these sites or the use of information posted on them. Visit and use the above mentioned websites related risks borne entirely the users and fobosgas.com assumes no responsibility for any damage that may be caused.
5. Presentation of products and services of the Site.
Information about the products on our website is distributed by groups and subgroups.
In page (link) of each item listed on the website information is provided for the price, the main characteristics of the product , as well as additional information in order to help consumers make an informed choice or buy a product. www.fobosgas.com is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the description of the goods, which are not related to the main characteristics of the product and does not cover all the information provided.

The company www.fobosgas.com reserves the right to publish the names , models and other product information in English as follows:
a) Risk of valuable information to be lost about the characteristics of the products due to translation!
b) There is no generally accepted terminology clear enough in given language!
c) The product itself is a carrier of information in English , for example the word softwear in English!

All prices on the site are in Bulgarian currency and include VAT If the product has several modifications to the page you can assign a
value to each of the modifications / currencies .
The company www.fobosgas.com has the right at any time and without notice to make changes in the products , services , prices and other characteristics of the products. Consumers are considered informed about these changes from the date of publication.
Information about all published products can not be updated, but in all cases, users will be notified in case of an order on the website with a form on-line shopping before delivery for outdated information on the site about the ordered products . Some of the information published on this site may refer to products , programs or services that are not available or are not available at this time , for which we apologize in advance.

6. Purchases of goods and / or services presented in www.fobosgas.com
The user has the right to order all the goods and services privided on the website www.fobosgas.com In conducting the user can choose the kind of quantity and the manner of delivery always according to the proposed features of the website.
At any time before the final confirmation of the order by filling in the form of on-line shopping , the user has the right to make changes to selected goods and services.
In order to conduct an order the user enters into a contract with '' Fobos Auto "Ltd for a particular purpose and is coverd by these terms ,which will be final upon receipt of the order confirmation, following the instructions provided on the site!
The company www.fobosgas.com has the right to change prices listed on this website at its sole discretion, at any time and without obligation to give notice to users.Every user is obliged to pay the price stated on the website during the execution of the order, regardless of whether it is lower or higher than the update .If the request can not be executed due to technical errors in information published on the website, The www.fobosgas.com is entitled to refuse the complition of the order and does not owe the User any compensation other than the repayment, the refund of the amounts paid and / or deposited by the consumer on canceled orders,if any.

On-line purchase with credit:

- Any person who wishes to purchase products via the online store and with credit must be applied via a financial institution for loans.
- The right to apply for a loan has only the user whose specific online ordering assign a unique total price (excluding shipping costs) equivalent or more than 360 BGN irrespective of the number and the unit selling price or units of the online products covered by the contract.
- The application is carried out : only (online) through the website and only by the registered user of the account in fobosgas.com by clicking " pay with Jetcredit" and then by following the appropriate procedures.
- The conditions that the user should be responsible for a loan are determined by the financial institution in accordance with the credit policy . The www.fobosgas.com does not participate in any way in the financing order, and has no connection with the borrowing institution(including but not limited to setting the conditions for the application , approval or denial of loans , terms and duration of  loan or in case of default - the obligation imposed by law). www.fobosgas.com does not represent or mediate for the benefit of any commercial bank.
- Delivery of an order that is purchased through the on-line shop ill be fulfilled only if the www.fobosgas.com  is notified by the financial institution that the applicant has been approved for purchase,if the subject to appropriation is for the total amount of the contract and whether the credit agreement is signed by the applicant. The delivery time is from 24 hours to 7 days days starting from the moment the www.fobosgas.com has received notification pursuant to the preceding sentence and connected to the candidate.
Before receiving the requested item , the customer signs the credit agreement statement of personal data and insurance certificate if credit protection is chosen.The borrower prepares an advance copy of his identity card, that says handcrafted from the same "exact copy" and it is signed. A copy of the identity card of the person of the transport company.
- Delivery will be implemented based on the data (name , surname and ID number , shipping address - formally or current address ) specified by the customer in the credit agreement. Receipt of goods is done personally by the person who entered the credit agreement , after verifying their identity by presenting an identity document.
7. Deliver of goods purchased
The time of delivery of the products by adjusting deliver at home is 24 hours up to 4 business days after receipt of order confirmation.This time can be extended on holidays and / or weekends and during working days. In all other cases, the period within the specified period for delivery stands.In case of change the user/customer will be informed by one of the companys employees.
The delivery of the ordered goods is made in a manner chosen by the user ,the company  www.fobosgas.com reserves the right to extend the time up to seven (7 ) days without prior notice to users and for extended periods of more than seven ( 7) days with the consent of the user.
The shipping cost depends on the type and size of the product , the delivery address and the number of the products.
As you make your order from our online store , you will see a blank field called " Remarks " . In this field you can specify a convenient day for your delivery and if it possible from our side , we will comply with your delivery preferences, in such case however an employee of ours should be informed immediately.
The company  www.fobosgas.com may request additional confirmation by phone, fax or e-mail for the placed orders. If the user refuses to provide the information required by the company  www.fobosgas.com, will lead to automatically  cancellation of the order with or without further notice to the user.Delivery cost is calculated automatically from the order value .
The company  www.fobosgas.com is not responsible for the delay of any order if the delay  is the result/ fault of the courier company or the delivery company and / or because of circumstances beyond www.fobosgas.com.
After delivery , the products should be examined carefully by the user and / or authorized person. When and if there are external visible defects or any damage, localized on delivery , consumer/s should sign the ''protocol of damage'' in the presence of the transport company / courier and immediately notify an employee of the on-line shop at the phone number: +359 2 439 7080.
After accepting the delivery without comments or any type of claim for externally visible defects (and therefore such a claim should not be coverd) the user in such circumstances must remember not to fulfill the protocol (for damaged goods)and sign in the presence of carrier  or courier company upon receipt of the item and then inform immediately an emploee of the on-line store of the company in +359 2 439 7080.The user loses the right of return because of visible external defects if they are identified after delivery in accordance with the sales contract.
When the goods supplied do not seem to be associated with order by the user ( and this can be detected with a simple test of the goods supplied), the user can ask the delivered order to be to replaced by a match that shall be done within 24 hours by the same person that purchased the  goods and by a notification of the request to an emploee of the on-line store of the company in +359 2 439 7080.
The company  www.fobosgas.com reserves the right to change the carrier or courier making  the delivery, without being obliged to inform the user, as long as it does not reflect the manner and the time of delivery.
The  www.fobosgas.com makes deliveries out of contractor / s ( couriers )only from Bulgaria.
8.Paying for goods and services.
The user shall be deposited to pay a cash payment of the ordered products and services, at / in   the time of the delivery by  www.fobosgas.com or by contractor of the carrier or courier company that provides the total value of the goods supplied in accordance with the confirmed order. If within 7 (seven) days from the date of delivery, the user denies in whole or in part, the purchased goods, then   www.fobosgas.com undertakes to repay/refund part or the full amount that is deposited for the purchase.
If the user does not realize the right to withdraw from the purchase of goods or services within the mentioned period,then www.fobosgas.com will automatically convert the deposit as payment for the value of the goods or services the user has ordered.
When paying by bank transfer , the user makes a deposit equal to the value of goods provided confirmed the order to the bank account of the  www.fobosgas.com referred to the generated invoice and once the deposit is received and confirmed that the banking Account credited with the corresponding amount , the fobosgas. com will execute the delivery of ordered goods and services.
If within 7 (seven) days from the date of delivery, the user denies in whole or in part, the purchased goods, then  www.fobosgas.com undertakes to repay/refund part or the full amount that is deposited for the purchase. If the user does not realize the right to withdraw from the purchase of goods or services within the mentioned period,then www.fobosgas.com will automatically convert the deposit as payment for the value of the goods or services the user has ordered.
When paying via virtual terminal '' POS'', the user deposits a sum equal to the value of goods provided to the confirmed order through the virtual terminal '' POS'' and the transaction is confirmed only after complition of deposit. Then  www.fobosgas.com will execute the delivery of the ordered goods and services.
If within 7 (seven) days from the date of delivery, the user denies in whole or in part, the purchased goods, then www.fobosgas.com undertakes to repay/refund part or the full amount that is deposited for the purchase. If the user does not realize the right to withdraw from the purchase of goods or services within the mentioned period,then   www.fobosgas.com will automatically convert the deposit as payment for the value of the goods or services the user has ordered.
9. Disclaimer of purchased products
The user has the right to refuse and ask for refund of ordered or purchased goods within seven ( 7) working days of receipt of goods at delivery. If the goods are kept in their original package ( packaging of  shipping can be opened) and full equipment and goods are in the form in which they were delivered with all the accompanying documents (invoice and warranty cards) and in accordance with the terms of article 55 of the Law on consumer protection.
If necessary, the refund of money paid by card will be made by us using credit transaction on the credit card with which the payment was made.
10.Warranty Service
With every order of products that are subject to warranty service , the company www.fobosgas.com issues and provides the user with the proper warranty card/s with the goods along with the terms and conditions set for the commercial guarantee.
If the product has no factory warranty is certified by the invoice.

The user can not invoke and loses his rights under the commercial guarantee when:

a ) In case of loss of the warranty card/s and / or invoice or receipt.
b ) In a bid and / or repair by an unauthorized service center / workshop / person.
c ) In the event of damage caused by improper use.
d ) In case of violation of the integrity of the product .
e ) In the event of chemical , electrical and / or other effects not related to the normal operation of the product .

The commercial Delivered product warranty does not cover parts of the product with limited lifetime such as batteries, consumables, etc. Warranty service is valid only in official service centers and only in the presence of full proof documentation and accessory products .
The products and services mentioned on this site are limited to those mentioned in this ( field conditions and information ) provided no guarantees beyond the commercial objective. The obligations of www.fobosgas.com for products and services ofered on this website is covered by the respective agreements with importers and / or distributors of these products.
(This site has been translated to English and Greek by Georgios Giaveris)

11. Other
The company www.fobosgas.com has the right to change the terms and any other information on this website partially or altogether,as well as the information for products-provided and delivered goods,without prior notice to the user.
Questions , inquiries and advices for consumers can be made on-line via the website through the  www.fobosgas.com  form for questions or by phone at +359 2 439 7080 , within working hours: from 9:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday.
The Terms and Conditions may be updated at any time without thewithout prior notice to the user/s.The company www.fobosgas.com is not liable if users are not aware of the subsequent updates published in our field of Terms and Conditions on the website.
When using the site www.fobosgas.com users undertake to comply with these Terms and Conditions which apply to goods and services based on EU law including international law.



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